Vote For Me In The Free Money Finance March Madness Elite Eight

For a few weeks now I’ve been asking folks to vote for me in the Free Money Finance March Madness competition. Basically it’s a March Madness tournament for personal finance writers. I’ve mainly been asking for votes through Twitter and Facebook, but today things change cause I need your help.

Thanks to your votes I’ve made it through to the Elite Eight of Free Money Finance’s March Madness. That means if I win in this current round – I’ll win at least $100 for my charity! My charity that I’m playing for is Second Harvest Heartland, a midwest food bank that helps feed hungry families. It’s a charity close to my heart as my father worked in social services and at a local food shelf for many years. I know this donation can directly help people in need.

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Vote For Broke

Round 4, or the Elite Eight, launched today! If you feel so inclined, please head on over to Free Money Finance and vote for me today. Vote for my article, 10 Things That Broke People Do (That Keep Them Broke) (Broke) in the comments.

To give you an idea of how my donation will be used if I do win, for each $1 donated, Second Harvest Heartland will distribute more than $9 worth of grocery products to those in need in our communities. First place in the contest means $500 donated to the charity of the winner’s choice, all the way down to $100 for fourth place.  So that means a win for this blog in this round would help donate at least $900 worth of groceries to needy families! Help me make that happen!

Favorite Posts Of The Week

Here are a few of my favorite posts from around the personal finance blogosphere this week.

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Last Edited: 25th March 2011

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