I’m Joining The Financial Samurai’s Alexa Ranking Challenge

I just launched this blog earlier this week with the goal of keeping myself accountable, sharing useful information as it pertains to personal finance, and of course helping others who are having a hard time with their money.

One of the goals I have for the blog in the first few months is that I really want to build a name for my blog by promoting it through social media, search engines and other venues. I also want to build relationships with other bloggers and network to help build community and help each other out.

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A group of other bloggers are looking to network and increase their site’s profiles are the folks over at the Financial Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge. The whole idea of the challenge is to get a group of bloggers together to promote each other, visit each other’s sites using the Alexa toolbar (to raise each other’s rankings), and also to just build some community.

From what I can tell the challenge has been successful thus far in helping the other bloggers to raise their profiles and to drop their Alexa number. My number doesn’t exist yet for this site, as I’m still getting indexed by the Google search engines, but I hope that it will help me to drop my number as well once it appears.

Check out the group – and help us all to drop our numbers! Financial Samurai Alexa Ranking Challenge

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I’m a thirty-something Christian Midwestern father of one son, and have been happily married for 9 years to my beautiful wife. I love playing tennis, shooting hoops, or taking part in the occasional flag football game. Of course, I love writing and financial topics as well, and that's how this site came into being! Check me out on Google +!

Last Edited: 11th May 2010

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