Insurance is an important topic that is far too often avoided in households across America.  The reason? I think it involves a lot of topics that aren't fun to talk about, and as such most people would rather avoid it.

It deals with dying (life insurance), accidents (auto insurance),  loss of a home (homeowner's insurance) or dealing with health issues (health insurance). All of those things can be life altering events, and events that no one wants to think about.

Avoiding those topics, and avoiding getting insurance in any of those areas can be a big mistake, however.  At our house we've covered most of these things, and we're glad we did.  In 2008 we had a major health event that sent my wife to the hospital for over a month with over $250,000 in medical bills.  Without insurance we would have gone bankrupt.

Don't make the mistake of avoiding it any longer. Get some simple quotes through popular companies through the links below, or do a search of your own online.

Auto Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Homeowner's Insurance

What Types Of Insurance Should I Have?

What types of insurance you carry depends upon your personal financial situation, and whether you’re secure enough to self-insure. If you’re not to that point yet, here are some of the most important types of insurance to have.

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