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How Do You Get Away From The “We Deserve It” Attitude?

Over the weekend my wife and I took a quickie vacation for the memorial day holiday. It was just meant as a quick getaway in lieu of our normal full summer vacation that we're not taking this year. Even if we're not able to get away for a full vacation, it's still nice to be able to get away for an extended weekend to just relax.
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What was meant to be a cheap in-town hotel getaway quickly became more expensive than we anticipated. We had paid $119/night for our nice hotel room for 2 nights, but those costs quickly got larger as we started justifying more expenses. We started to get into the whole “we deserve it” attitude that says – “We work hard, why not spend some extra money? We deserve it!”. The $240 we spent on the room quickly ballooned as we also paid for room service several times. Our breakfasts were supposed to be on the house, but we ended up ordering extra at those meals – meaning an extra $25-30 bill. When all was said and done, instead of spending around $300 as we had planned on spending – we actually spent over $400. Small things add up quick! All in all, our little mini-vacation was extremely relaxing, and we didn't go as overboard as we could have, but we still ended up spending more than we had planned. So how do you keep yourself from justifying expenses – and keep yourself from getting into a “we deserve it” attitude?  Have you ever been on vacation and ended up spending more than you had budgeted? Tell me in the comments!

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